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Tippmann X7 Online Configurator

August 9th, 2008 admin

X7 with Mods

Tippmann has an online X7 configurator where you can see what your marker will look like with different accessories added. This is a great way to choose the look of your new Tippmann X7 with Egrip before you buy it.  You can mix and match parts, and it will even tell you what the MSRP is.  Keep in mind that most online retailers will charge less than MSRP so you should save some money.

You can use the online configurator to built an X7 parts list, and then vist your favorite online paintball store to order the parts.  I like the eGrip with Folding X36 Stock, X7 Flatline Barrel for improved accuracy and distance, M-16 Style Carry Handle, M-16 Short Mag, and X7 Double Trigger Kit.

Give the configurator a try and let us know what your perfect marker looks like.