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Tippmann Cyclone Feed Soft Paddles

Nothing sucks like having paint break in the cyclone feed system on your Tippman A5 or X7. Unfortunately, with the higher rate of fire found in the Response Trigger and eGrip versions, this can, and does happen.

Tippmann X7 Squishy PaddlesWhile the paddles in the Cyclone Feed System for the X7 are softer than in the past, it still happens and unless you stop to clean your marker than, you will continue to experience breaks and a mess.

A few aftermarket manufacturers have developed softer paddles… often called squishy paddles. Retailing for around $20, it’s a worthwhile investment given the headache that it will save you later. Especially when you figure that you already have $300 – $500 or more already tied up in your marker.

Be sure when you buy them that you get the latest version of the paddles which interlock. Old versions of the squishy paddles would slip and become misaligned.

You can find the squishy paddles on most paintball sites such as or You can also find them on eBay.


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