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New Tippmann Straightline Barrels with True Rifled Technology are Shipping Now

Tippmann Straightline Barrel Tippmann has begun shipping their new 16″ straighline barrels with rifled technology.   In a partnership wtih Hammerhead, they have developed the four piece kits to work with the A5 and X7 markers, including the available Special Ops mods.

These new barrels include three sizers (.688, .686 and .683) to better match paint, and a removable military style muzzle break.  It is expected to be priced around $149 and comes with a case. Buy the Straightline Barrel online here.

“This is a great product that offers loyal Tippmann players the very best accuracy technology in paintball,” said Paul Judson, vice president of HammerHead. “Others have attempted rifling using straight rifling or perpendicular spiral porting to create rotation, with questionable success. But, the HammerHead technology that has been integrated into the new StraightLine uses helix and spiral rifling, in combination with reverse porting, to control ball rotation and minimize the pressure wave and air turbulence at the muzzle – resulting in significantly straighter, more accurate shots.”

Here is a link to the Sales Flyer.

Tippmann Straighline Barrel Accuracy

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