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Kill Osama bin Laden . . . Paintball Style

May 31st, 2011 admin

According to the website TMZ, SC Village, on of the largest (if not the largest) paintball park in the world, has spent $250,000 building a paintball course designed to look like Osama bin Ladens hideout in Pakistan.   Named “Bin Laden’s Compound” it features 18-foot tall walls, a downed helicopter, and refs and opponents dressed up like the Taliban.  This may be the closest you’ll get to taking down a terrorist.  The field is scheduled to open on June 4.

SC Village is located in Chino Califorina and is home to many of paintballs premier events.  If you get the opportunity. . . go!

Bin Laden's Compound - SC Village Paintball Park

The X7 Phenom Intro and Discount

May 23rd, 2010 admin

We’ll be back with a full review, but we wanted to introduce the latest X7 marker from Tippmann.  The Tippmann X7 Phenom is a fantastic marker at a fair price point. What separates this marker from the rest of the pack is that it is an electro-pneumatic paintball marker.  This means that it can shoot in either electronic or manual mode.  This marker has almost no recoil, which helps keep your shots on target and breaks in the marker are almost non-existent.

As a special favor to visitors, we have a coupon code that gives you a $40 discount off this marker.  Just use the coupon code: Phenom40 at Jerry’s Paintball and save off the advertised price.  This coupon won’t last long, so buy a Tippmann X7 Phenom soon.

Here are the features as listed on

  • New compact and lightweight aluminum body
  • Pushpin construction for easy field stripping
  • All-metal trigger for enhanced stability
  • Three position selector switch – with third position having five firing modes
  • Magnetically activated hall effect electronics
  • Quick release magazine with built-in tool storage
  • The internal gasline and lack of cocking handle offer a more realistic look
  • Redesigned Cyclone Feed System paddles feed up to 15 balls-per-second without batteries
  • Piccatinny top rail to easily add new sights or handles
  • Compatible with air-thru stocks
  • Removable front and rear sights
  • Low profile, offset hopper for clear line of sight
  • Modular foregrip with two rails to add sights and scopes
  • Internal regulator with new external velocity adjustment (tool required)
  • 9.5” high performance, stone-honed barrel
  • Includes maintenance pack, barrel blocking device, and marker lubricant
  • Two year marker warranty
  • Made in the USA

Be sure to check back soon for a full review and a look at what’s in the box.

Tippmann X7 Promotion Extended

April 9th, 2009 admin

For those of you who didn’t get in on the deal during March, Tippmann has exteded their X7 promotion through April 15th.

Purchase any new TIPPMANN® X7® marker between March 1, 2009 and April 15, 2009, and we’ll give you a FREE Response® Trigger or Flatline® Barrel! See your local dealer or store for details, or print the online rebate form for additional information.

Don’t miss out on this great deal.  If you are considering an X7, now is the time to buy.

March Promotion – Free Flatline Barrel or Response Trigger Kit!

February 22nd, 2009 admin

Tippmann X7 Promotion - Free Flatline Barrel or Response Trigger Kit

Tippmann is running a promotion in March where they are giving away a free Tippmann X7 Flatline Barrel or Tippmann X7 Response Trigger Kit with the purchase of any X7 Marker.  That’s about a $70 value, which is a fantastic way to save a little money if you were looking at an X7.

Word on the street is that they will honor the promotion immediately, so if you can’t wait until March 1, order now from your favorite paintball website, or your local paintball shop.

The free products are being provided directly by Tippmann, so once you have purchased your X7, be sure to fill out the rebate form and send it in.

Here’s the link to the Tippmann Promotion Page

Tippmann X7 Online Configurator

August 9th, 2008 admin

X7 with Mods

Tippmann has an online X7 configurator where you can see what your marker will look like with different accessories added. This is a great way to choose the look of your new Tippmann X7 with Egrip before you buy it.  You can mix and match parts, and it will even tell you what the MSRP is.  Keep in mind that most online retailers will charge less than MSRP so you should save some money.

You can use the online configurator to built an X7 parts list, and then vist your favorite online paintball store to order the parts.  I like the eGrip with Folding X36 Stock, X7 Flatline Barrel for improved accuracy and distance, M-16 Style Carry Handle, M-16 Short Mag, and X7 Double Trigger Kit.

Give the configurator a try and let us know what your perfect marker looks like.

Customize the color of your Tippmann X7

July 28th, 2008 admin

While browing images of customized Tippmann X7′s, I came across an image of a very nicely painted camo marker.  This lead me to the company, Custom Gun Camo. They provide custom gun painting for real firearms as well as paintball markers, and the pictures of their work is amazing.  Don’t get me wrong, this is not a cheap option for customizing your marker. But for those of you who are dedicated to having the most realistic and unique X7, this is a great option. Here is an example of an X7 in MC Heavy Green:

Tippmann X7 Camo

Pricing for Camo patterns start at $225 and can include custom lettering or stenciling. All paints are true DuraCoat Firearm Finishes and include clearcoat finishes in matte, satin, or glossy.

If you have any experience with painting your marker, or know of other services like this to customize your marker, let us know and send us pictures. We’d love to showcase them in upcoming articles.

New Tippmann Straightline Barrels with True Rifled Technology are Shipping Now

July 24th, 2008 admin

Tippmann Straightline Barrel Tippmann has begun shipping their new 16″ straighline barrels with rifled technology.   In a partnership wtih Hammerhead, they have developed the four piece kits to work with the A5 and X7 markers, including the available Special Ops mods.

These new barrels include three sizers (.688, .686 and .683) to better match paint, and a removable military style muzzle break.  It is expected to be priced around $149 and comes with a case. Buy the Straightline Barrel online here.

“This is a great product that offers loyal Tippmann players the very best accuracy technology in paintball,” said Paul Judson, vice president of HammerHead. “Others have attempted rifling using straight rifling or perpendicular spiral porting to create rotation, with questionable success. But, the HammerHead technology that has been integrated into the new StraightLine uses helix and spiral rifling, in combination with reverse porting, to control ball rotation and minimize the pressure wave and air turbulence at the muzzle – resulting in significantly straighter, more accurate shots.”

Here is a link to the Sales Flyer.

Tippmann Straighline Barrel Accuracy

Tippmann Cyclone Feed Soft Paddles

July 11th, 2008 admin

Nothing sucks like having paint break in the cyclone feed system on your Tippman A5 or X7. Unfortunately, with the higher rate of fire found in the Response Trigger and eGrip versions, this can, and does happen.

Tippmann X7 Squishy PaddlesWhile the paddles in the Cyclone Feed System for the X7 are softer than in the past, it still happens and unless you stop to clean your marker than, you will continue to experience breaks and a mess.

A few aftermarket manufacturers have developed softer paddles… often called squishy paddles. Retailing for around $20, it’s a worthwhile investment given the headache that it will save you later. Especially when you figure that you already have $300 – $500 or more already tied up in your marker.

Be sure when you buy them that you get the latest version of the paddles which interlock. Old versions of the squishy paddles would slip and become misaligned.

You can find the squishy paddles on most paintball sites such as or You can also find them on eBay.


Video: Tippmann X7 EGrip in Action

July 10th, 2008 admin

Here is a look at a modified Tippmann X7 eGrip in action. The eGrip version offers full auto and fires up to 20 balls per second! It never ceases to amaze me that in the time that you can read just a few of these words, you could already have been hit 20 times.

If you have video of your X7 in action, or pictures of your modified X7, let us know and maybe we’ll feature them here.

How To: Upgrade to an X7 UMP

July 8th, 2008 admin

This post is the beginning of a series on how to upgrade your X7 to one of thousands of different looks. The X7 truly is one of the most upgradeable markers available today. The X7 UMP is an easy and very sharp looking mod which looks very close to the real thing.

Here is what a real Heckler & Koch UMP looks like:

Heckler & Koch UMP

And here is what the modified Tippmann X7 UMP looks like:

Tippmann X7 UMP

How To Upgrade

Step 1: Begin with a standard X7 marker. This mod will work with any version of the X7; Basic, Response Trigger, and eGrip. In our example, we are using an X7 eGrip Marker.

Tipmann X7 eGrip

Step 2: IMPORTANT – Make sure that you have removed your CO2 or HPA tank from your marker before beginning any work. The X7 UMP upgrade will require three parts and should only require a pair of pliers to remove the associated push pins. The three parts are the UMP Style Shroud (Tippmann Part #: T275045), UMP Style Magazine (Tippmann Part #: T275043) and the X36 Style Folding Stock (Tippmann Part #: T275044).

Tippmann X7 UMP

Step 3: Remove the End Cap from the rear of the marker. To do so, use a pair of pliers to remove the two push pins which hold the cap in place. The push pins are different lengths, so mark them accordingly. The shorter push pin is the top pin. Be careful when removing the End Cap as the Guide Pin and Drive Spring will come out. Note the position of these parts so that they can be reinstalled. Below is an image of the End Cap removed.

Tippmann X7 UMP

Step 4: Remove the Front Grip from the marker in a similar way. There are two push pins which hold the Front Grip in place. You will want to store this away in case you wish to revert back at a later time. The image below shows the location of the push pins which hold the Front Grip in place.

Tipmann X7 Front Grip

Step 5: Remove the magazine from the marker. There is a release button on the side which should allow the magazine to slide out easily. The only downside to the UMP Mod is that the new magazine does not double as tool storage as the standard magazine does. This may mean keeping the tools in your pocket if you need them on the field during play.

Tippmann X7 Magazine

Step 6: Now we are ready to begin installing the new parts. In the same order that we just removed items, we will add back the upgraded parts. The X36 Folding Stock should slide in where the End Cap was removed. Be sure to replace the Drive Spring and Guide Pin in the same direction it was when removed. This means that the drive pin should be toward the rear of the marker. Replace the two push pins (shortest on top) to secure the stock in place.

Step 7: Slide the new UMP Shroud over the barrel of the marker until the Push Pin holes line up. Insert the push pins to secure the new shroud in place.

Step 8: Slide the new magazine where the stock magazine was removed. Be sure to push hard enough for the lock to engage. Below is a picture of the parts prior to installation.

Tippmann X7 UMP Parts

Step 9: Take your marker out to the field and be the envy of your friends.

Tippmann X7 UMP